How much is my house worth?

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Online Property Valuation

Before you move home it’s important to carry out a property valuation. An online property valuation will give you an estimate of how much your home is worth in the current market by comparing past sold prices from land registry, current properties on the market via estate agents and local demand data from governments statistics.

An online property valuation is a great way to get a quick and easy estimate of your properties valuation without needing to pay for a home buyers report or speak to any local estate agents.

By answering a few questions our software will search millions of records to return an estimate along with a confidence score.

Once you receive your free property valuation we will also search 100’s of national buyers who are actively looking for property in your area. Our system will instantly deliver you several estimated cash offers from various companies who have been vetted by us. It works similar to a comparison site but instead of comparing energy plans you can actually compare real property buyers.

How much is my house worth?

In reality a properties valuation is simply the price that someone is prepaired to pay at a certain time. However there are 100's of factors which effect this.

Property Portals

Property portalsare a great way to estimate a properties valuation because they display actual properties currently on the market. The main two portals are RightMove and Zoopla who between them have millions of properties for sale.

Historic Sold Prices

The Land Registry is a government agency which stores every property sold in the United Kindgom. If fact it's the law that Solicitors much register the property with The Land Registry within 30 days of a property transaction. This means it is a great way to help determine a property value because like we discussed easier it tell's us what someone actually paid for a property - which is a much better indication of value that what they might be listed for with Estate Agents.

National Change Statistics

The Office of National Statistics along with some large UK mortgage lenders release monthly quarterly statistics on house price movement throughout the UK. They look at over or under supply or property in an area to estimate a percentage change in local house prices. Using this data alongside Sold Prices and Current Listings can give you a very good estimage on a properties valuation.

How We Value Properties

We use a combination of recent and historic sold prices, current property listings and several statistical indexes to estimate a properties value. We also use a confidence score to grade our results.

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I was looking to sell my mother’s home after her going into long term care. It was a difficult time but the company was really sympathetic. They get buyers to bid against each other, getting you the highest offer. I recommend their service to anyone looking to sell without an estate agent.

Mrs Morris, Cardiff Rating 8.7/10